I-Studio is not an enterprise and there is no advertising on the site, and therefore most of the standard privacy issues are of no concern. But I would like to tell you what information my website does receive from you and what happens to it.

Information You Provide

Newsletter: If you sign up to receive the I-Studio newsletter, you provide your email address, which is used only for the delivery of the newsletter to your inbox. I would never share them with any “third parties.” You can always unsubscribe by clicking the UNSUBSCRIBE link in any edition of the newsletter in your inbox.

Information Automatically Collected

Usage Information: I-Studio lives on the publishing platform WordPress, and I am using Google Analytics statistical tool embedded to help me understand how my audience use the site. This means that anonymized information of the pages I-Studio readers visit are represented in these statistics.

What I-Studio Does with Your Information

I use your information solely to communicate with you if you have opted in to receive the newsletter and to better understand how you use the site in order to improve it. I don’t share your information with any “third parties”, though it does live — securely — within the external hosting service that also delivers the email newsletter.


Data Transfers: You are securely connected to website via HTTPS as the pages you view are encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet.

Data Security: I do everything I can to make I-Studio and your information as secure as possible. However no security measures can be 100% secure against cyberattacks. Let’s hope that we keep staying away from hackers’ sight.